Chapter Bylaws


Chapter Bylaws

International Coaching Federation Bangkok Chapter



1.The name of this organization shall be International Coaching Federation Association, hereinafter referred to as the “ICF Bangkok Chapter”.



2. Its objectives are

a. to support members to be successful in their profession.

b. to enhance the skills and effectiveness for its members.

c. to raise the awareness of the community about the coaching profession.

d. to provide a network through which its members can learn from and gain more professional opportunities.

e. to provide a forum wherein the members can discuss issues of professional concern.

f. to provide the opportunity for its members to collaborate in providing resources and solutions for their clients.



 Management and Executive Committee

The management of the ICF Bangkok Chapter shall be entrusted to an Executive Committee consisting of the following Office Bearers (twelve positions):

1. A President

2. A President Elect

3. An Immediate Past President

4. A Secretary

5. A Treasurer

6. A Membership Relation Director

7. A Communication Director

8. A Marketing Director

9. An Academic Director

10. An Event Director

11. A CCE Coordinator

12. A Research and Development Director

The 6) to 12) are Ordinary Executive Committee Members.


The Chapter and its Management and Executive Committee shall abide by all applicable policies and guidelines of the International Coaching Federation.


Executive Committee (Director) and Officer Qualifications
To be an Executive Committee, one must be a qualified member (an ICF Member in good standing at the time of nomination and maintain membership during time of service), be abiding by the ICF Code of Ethics, nominated for office by the Nominating and Elections Committee or by petition, and be voted into office by a vote of the organization members.

All Directors of ICF Chapter must be ICF Members in good standing.


Duties and Responsibilities of the Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall provide leadership in pursuit of the organizations’ stated goals. It shall determine fees at organization-sponsored events, and develop the policies and procedures necessary to conduct the business of the organization effectively.


Presidential and Executive Committee Nominations and Election

All active ICF members shall be qualified to vote in any general election.  The Nominations and Elections Committee shall assign the Assistants (e.g. Secretary and/or Membership Director, or other delegates) to email the Timeline for general election process to the qualified ICF members. Timeline is derived by working back from deadline for announcement of voting result, generally the last working day of year of election.

Nominations for election to the Presidential Position and/or Executive Committee shall be made by the Nominations and Elections Committee consisting of at least three (3) qualified members (except Executive Committee members) of the organization appointed by the President.

At least 60 days before commencing of voting period, the President shall appoint the Nominations and Elections Committee

At least 45 days before commencing of voting period, the Nominations and Elections Committee shall assign the Assistants, who shall email all qualified members a notice of the coming election, including the number of coming vacant seats, and invite qualified members to notify the Nominations and Elections Committee of their interest in serving on the Executive Committee.

At least 30 days before commencing of voting period, the Nominations and Elections Committee will submit to the qualified membership the slate, the profile of one or more candidates for each committee seat. The floor will be open for nomination by petition for fourteen days from the presentation of the slate.  

The Assistant to Nominations and Elections Committee will email ballots to all qualified members at least 15 days prior to voting period. The ballots will describe the seats open for election and the candidates running for those seats. Members will fill out their ballots and email them to the Assistant to Nominations and Elections Committee, who will count the ballots for voting results.

Voting results shall be announced no later than last working day of election year.

In the event there is only one candidate for each office, the Nominations and Elections Committee may cast an unanimous ballot for the candidates of the Nominating and Elections Committee. The Nominations and Elections Committee will also note these proceedings and record them in the Minutes of the meeting.

a) Presidential Position Election
The first election of presidential position under this revised Bylaws, the President Elect election, shall be held prior to the 275th day in office of current Executive Committee (2020-2021), following the adoption of this amended Bylaws.

Taking into account the terms in office of Presidential Position, after the first presidential election in 2020, the general Presidential Position election process to vote for presidential position shall take place annually.

Special election shall be held upon call by the Executive Committee, which shall specify the voting procedures and other necessary details of election.

b)  Executive Committee Elections
Taking into account the terms in office of non-Presidential Executive Committee members, the general Executive Committee members election process shall take place bi-annually.


Any member of the Executive Committee may be removed by a 1/2 vote Majority of the Committee. The Secretary shall record such events in the minutes of the Executive Committee meeting.


Terms and Vacancies
Terms for all Executive Committee members are for 2 years; except the terms for President, President Elect, and Immediate Past President, which is for 1 year.

Any out of term vacancy on the Executive Committee shall be filled by Presidential appointment, subject to approval by a majority of the Executive Committee. The appointment approved will pertain until the following December, when the seat will be filled by the normal election process.


Executive Committee Meetings
Meetings of the Executive Committee will be at the places and times decided by majority vote of the Committee. The President may call a special meeting at any time.

The President shall call a special meeting of the Committee upon the written request of a Committee member to do so. The written request should contain the agenda for the special meeting.

All Executive Committee Meetings shall be open to all qualified members of the Organization. The single exception is Special Meeting in which the President, with unanimous consent of the Committee, shall declare the meeting closed.


The President may appoint committees, either standing or ad hoc, in order to effectively and efficiently further the stated purposes of the organization. The establishment of any committee must first receive the approval of the Executive Committee by way of a majority vote.


Meeting Procedures

Questions about Executive Committee proceedings at meetings shall be determined by Robert’s Rules of Order (revised), except where such rules conflict with the laws of Thailand.

Robert’s Rules of Order (revised) may be suspended by a majority vote of the Executive

Committee or qualified members of the organization present at a meeting at which a quorum is present.

A majority of Executive Committee members shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of transacting the business of the organization.

Legal Purpose
Notwithstanding any other provision of these articles, the purposes for which the corporation is established are exclusively religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational within the meaning of non-profit status within the jurisdiction in which the chapter is located.

Excluded activities
Notwithstanding any other provision of these articles, this organization shall not carry on any activities, which would disallow their non-profit status within with jurisdiction in which the Chapter is located.

In the event of the dissolution or final liquidation of the Chapter, its remaining net assets will be distributed to ICF Global for use consistent with its tax-exempt purpose and for the benefit of ICF Chapters, thus no part of such net assets may inure to the benefit of any individual member or person.



1. Presidential Position (Office of the President)
The elected president shall hold the office for three years, the first year as President Elect, the second year as President, and the third year as Immediate Past President.

a) The President shall chair all General meetings. He/she shall also represent the ICF Bangkok Chapter in its dealings with the ICF Global organization and other outside persons. He/she will have primary responsibility for strategic issues ensuring the sustainable growth of the chapter. The President will immediately become the Immediate Past President at the end of the President's term of office

b) The President Elect shall assist the President and deputies for him/her in his/her absence. The President Elect will have primary responsibility to deal with all operational issues such as managing the Executive Committee meetings and supporting all sub- committees in accomplishing their objectives. The President Elect will also undertake such roles and responsibilities of leadership as mutually agreed with the President. The President Elect will immediately become President at the end of the President’s term of office.

c) The Immediate Past President (IPP) is a full voting member of the Executive Committee. The IPP will have primary responsibility to meet and work with the other Past Presidents especially when their input and advice is needed. The IPP will also undertake such roles and responsibilities as mutually agreed with the President.

Those Office bearers holding the positions of President Elect, President, and Immediate Past President may be referred to as the “Office of the President”.

2. The Secretary shall maintain official minutes and records of the proceedings of the Executive Committee and the Organization. The Secretary shall arrange for mailings of official correspondence. The Secretary shall also perform other duties and have such authority as shall from time to time be assigned by the President or Committee. The Secretary shall maintain a binder of the Proceedings of the Chapter, and have the binder present at all meetings of the Executive Committee and membership. The bindershall include meeting agendas, minutes, policies, procedures, Executive Committee decisions, guidelines, Financial Reports and other proceedings of the Executive Committee and organization membership.

3. The Treasurer shall perform all the organization’s financial transactions and keep accurate records of the organization’s accounts. The Treasurer will submit financial reports at each committee meeting for review and approval by the voting majority of the committee.

4. Ordinary Executive Committee Members shall assist in the general administration of the ICF Bangkok Chapter and perform duties assigned by the Executive Committee

from time to time.

5. All past presidents of ICF Bangkok Chapter shall be allowed to carry the title of Past President. The most recent Past President shall be titled Immediate Past President. Past Presidents may be invited to attend Executive Committee meetings from time to time, and the Immediate Past President will serve as full Executive Committee member.



Membership Qualification

1. Members of the ICF Bangkok Chapter must also be members of the International Coaching Federation, (ICF International), be abiding by ICF Code of Ethics and then designate the ICF Bangkok Chapter as his/ her home chapter. ICF International then advises the ICF Bangkok Chapter.

2. In order to qualify as a member of the organization, an individual must have paid annual dues directly to the International Coaching Federation which collects these fees annually and advises ICF Bangkok Chapter of the members’ current payment status.


All qualified members of the organization are eligible to vote on any issue presented to the membership for a vote. Voting may be by ballot, electronic mail or any reasonable means determined by the Executive Committee. At all business meetings of the Chapter, each regular member in good standing who is present shall have one vote.

Unless otherwise specifically provided by these bylaws, a majority vote of those members present and voting shall govern.


Recommendation for Amendment

These Guidelines may be amended when recommended by a committee appointed by the President, or upon a written request from at least ten per cent of the qualified members of the organization. The President shall have the recommended amendments posted on the Organization’s website, or mailed to the membership. No amendment to this document shall conflict with the rules, guidelines, or bylaws of the International Coaching Federation.


Amendment Approval

All qualified members of the organization shall be invited to review the amended by-laws on the website or by mail and prepare to vote on the amendments (yea or nay to the totality of amendments as presented) via email within two weeks of posting on the site. Votes received after that date are invalid. A vote of qualified members shall decide the issue by a simple majority. A proposed amended set of by-laws shall be considered ratified and effective when carried by a member of ICF Bangkok Chapter majority vote. The President shall see that the official guidelines are so amended and posted on the organization’s website. The Secretary will maintain a set of all by-laws, past and current.

(end of Bylaws)