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SHL by  Leadership Partner Asia

SHL is  the 
accurate, bias-free assessments of potential through matching individual working preferences directly to business requirements. SHL's blend of science, technology, and people gives businesses more than just workforce data, It gives them wisdom. 

Leadership Partner Asia (LPA) 
is an expert in Leadership Development, Human Resources Development and Organization Development. 
LPA also provides consulting services in Human Resources Development and Organizational Development.

ICF Bangkok Member Benefit:


LPA provides the exclusive discount of the SHL assessment tools as stated below to the member of ICF International Coach Federation, who are affiliated to Bangkok Charter Chapter

  • OPQ - Occupational Personality Questionnaire

  • MQ - Motivation Questionnaire

  • Abilities Test
    • Numerical
    • Inductive
    • Deductive


The exclusive discount will be subject to the following cascade

1-10 users, receive 5% from standard rate

11 - 30 users, receive 10% from standard rate

31 - 100 users, receive 15% from standard rate

Over 101 users, receive 20% from standard rate

For more information, please contact:

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Business Solution Partner

Achieve our goals together

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