Governance & Ethics Committee

Maintain Chapter's Good Governance

ICF Bangkok's Governance & Ethics Committee Role 

Governance & Ethics Committee exists to ensure ICF Bangkok Charter Chapter is incorporating procedures/measures that promote transparency in our Chapter activities as well as Good Governance principle, supporting the Chapter to be abided by ICF Chapter Leader Ethical Guideline and ICF Code of Ethics

Duties & Responsibilities of Governance & Ethics Committee

+ Proposing and reviewing ICF Bangkok Charter Chapter business processes/frameworks, procedures/ guidelines, and measures for the Chapter's operational activities, including but not limit to, forming/selecting partnership coalition, receiving sponsorship, purchasing goods/services from vendors, outsourcing to third parties, recruiting qualified committee member, establishing general data protection measures, reviewing communication framework, and proposing Best Practices for finance.

+ Monitoring and Advising the Executive Committee to ensure ICF Chapter Leader Ethical Guideline and ICF Code of Ethics are pursued


+ Encouraging the communication of the Good Governance culture across the Chapter and ensure that it is actually practiced.

 + (Optional) Appointing Committee member and outlining her/his roles in supporting the monitoring and supervision of corporate governance and business ethics, as appropriate.

 + (Optional)  Performing other duties as delegated by the Executive Committee.


2021 ICF Bangkok Governance & Ethics Committee 
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Conflict of Interests Policy

Because public confidence is important to Chapter, ICF Bangkok Charter Chapter Executive Committee  has  taken steps to avoid Conflict of Interest, or Perceived Conflict of Interest. Those steps include:

+ Adopting a Conflict of interest Policy that prohibits or limits business transactions with board members and requires board members to disclose potential conflicts.

+ Disclosing conflicts when they occur so that Executive Committee members who are voting on a decision are aware that another member’s interests are being affected.

+ Requiring Executive Committee members to remove themselves from discussions and decision making that present a potential conflict.

+ Establishing procedures, such as competitive bids, that ensure that the organization is receiving fair value in the transaction.

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Chapter Policy/ Guideline

ICF Bangkok Charter Chapter Ethics Committee will  incorporating procedures/measures that promote transparency in our Chapter activities such as, communication, volunteer leaders recruitment,  purchasing, sponsor/partner selection, etc.

Chapter Leader Ethical Guideline 


As an ICF Chapter Leader I will:

+ conduct myself in accordance with the ICF Code of Ethics, Vision and Core Values

+ mindful of potential conflicts of interest in my local chapter and actively advocate against the perception of such

+ encourage ongoing ethics conversations within our chapters to promote ethical maturity and support members in their professional growth


As an ICF Chapter Leader I will:

+ become familiar with, and adhere to, my chapter’s bylaws and other chapter and ICF Global policy documents.

+ seek to align chapter activities with the current ICF Strategic Plan

+ will ensure an amicable transfer of responsibilities when my tenure has concluded

+ be mindful of my personal or business interests in relation to that of ICF or the ICF Chapter while in a leadership capacity

+ be mindful of and encourage the incorporation of measures that promote transparency in our chapter activities

+ be mindful of the required competencies for leadership roles when assisting in the selection of the most qualified candidate

+ ensure that outside parties working with the chapter understand that they are contracted by the chapter and the board of directors and not any one person


As an ICF Chapter Leader I will:

+ not use my ICF Chapter Leadership role to endorse any specific programs or activities, regardless of ICF accreditation or approval.

+ not use my role to imply ICF support for a specific program, tool or approach

+ encourage communication policies that facilitate access as outlined in a framework determined by the board, to ensure no conflicts of interest arise

+ take these factors into consideration when crafting or reviewing chapter communications

+ be aware of our members’ and stakeholders’ privacy and not violate policies regarding data privacy set by ICF and my chapter bylaws

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