Coaching Impact for Organization

Aware. Assess. Acknowledge
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Aware of coaching values to organizations

The value of a strong coaching is broad from retaining high-performing talent to developing the next generation of leaders. Any coaching practitioner aims to apply coaching to organization should focus on how coaching translates to an organization’s desired business outcomes.

Assess the coaching impact

The common method for measuring the value of coaching is Return on Investment (ROI) especially when the impact is quantifiable in form of monetary outcome.

When  the metrics for measuring the coaching impact is behavioural and cultural change or even change of mindset. Return on Expectations (ROE) is more suitable

Acknowledge the impact:
Spread the efficacy of coaching

ICF Professionals are beneficial from the impactful outcomes of coaching. We are in the best position to validate, nominate, and spread the meaningfulness of coaching to organizations.

We should always look into the market and learn how organizations are measuring the success of their coaching program.

To acknowledge how one organization is dedicating to building the coaching culture, one of the best way is to nominate it to Thailand Prism Award. It honors organizations with coaching programs that fulfill rigorous professional standards, address key strategic goals, shape organizational culture, and yield discernible and measurable positive impacts.

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ICF Bangkok Charter Chapter is open for ICF Credential to join our pro bono project for organization. Be part of our coaching community that promote coaching for organizational impact. 

Making the ripple

Joining the community


Join our hands in promoting coaching to organizations.