Not enough time?

You can still join our
Chapter's Committee team,
and gain valuable experiences


Be part of dynamic team

 ICF Bangkok Chapter
is aware of differences in persons, we open for engaged volunteer members to join our Committee team that fits to their preferences.

Becoming part of Committee team allow you to know what it taste like working with coaching organization.
ICF Bangkok has range of Committee teams of which tasks would be fit
to various preferences.


> Be ICF Bangkok member in good standing

> Be abiding by ICF Code of Ethics

> Be engaged and committed to Committee, at least 3 months, 8 hours per month

> Possessing personal values that are aligned with ICF Values, Integrity, Excellence, Collaboration, and Respect 

Being part of Committee, the first step to  career progress

Opening Committee

Member Relation Committee

(3 positions)

Event Committee

(3 positions)

Professional Standards Committee

(3 positions)

Social Impact Committee

(3 positions)

Communication Committee

(3 positions)

Strategic Partner Committee 
(1 positions)


Research & Development Committee

(1 positions)

Organizational Coach Committee
(2 positions)

Technology Committee
(3 positions)

Marketing Committee

Fundraising Committee
(4 positions)

Thailand Prism Award Committee 
(7 positions)

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