From May 31, 2021, ICF Bangkok Charter Chapter is open for
various types of PARTNER Programs


Partner with ICF Bangkok

Advancing coaching industry together.

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To shape the future of our coaching industry ICF Bangkok welcomes various collaborators, who would enable us to leap forward through partnership coalition and sponsorship. 

ICF Bangkok Charter Chapter will looking for the benefit of the whole, our ICF member, our partners and their members/staffs/leaders,  and our coaching industry. Any interested organizations can rely on our selection process,  thanks  to our Ethics Committee, which has set the Partnership Policy to ensure Chapter's transparency is at our top priorities.

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Partnership Program

When there’s more than one entity, there’s a possibility of synergy. Not just the sum up of two entities, true synergizing powers collective capacities/energies of each partner. Partnership Program takes partners closer to their goals. Partners may also leverage on value system that each partner holds.

ICF Bangkok Partnership Program is a coalition between 2 entities to mutually benefit from each other through accessing to expertise, new products, new markets or outperforming the competition.


4 Types of partner that are sought by Chapter in 2021

a)     Member Organizations
Organization established as non-profit,  which sustains themselves through membership revenue model.


b)    Government Agencies 
The public agencies, which appreciate the value of coaching and seek the collaboration with coaching organization in order to achieve mutual goals.


c)     Business Solution Providers***
Partners, whose products and/or services, which could uplift Chapter’s strategic or operational performance toward  Chapter's goals.


d)    Social System Change (SSC) Organizations that address systemic, root causes of social (political, cultural, and economic) inequalities in an effort to alleviate not only those inequalities but also the underlying conditions and circumstances that bring them about

***From May 31, 2021, ICF Bangkok Charter Chapter is open for various type of organizations tools, etc., to become our partners that will provide benefits to our ICF Professionals.

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