Local Reciprocal Peer Coaching 

Get experiences by coaching and being coached.

One of the best way to develop our ICF Bangkok coaches is to connect them with other colleagues, and let them learn from peers' experiences and wisdoms. This program is aiming at both novices as well as experienced coaches,
who are pursuing their credentialing. 




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Local Reciprocal Peer Coaching is special program, designed for new and experienced coaches to learn and exchange benefits with
coaching colleagues.

Learn & Exchange with peer


This localised program is supplementary to ICF Reciprocal Peer Coaching in term of bridging the time difference gap for local ICF Bangkok members. Once becoming part of ICF Bangkok community, member pay zero fee when joining this program. 

This is a great opportunity ICF membership to

+Receive feedback and testimonials from the coaches you coach. For many, this is as valuable as the coaching they receive.

+Accrue additional hours for your coaching log. Because you are receiving coaching as compensation for the coaching you are giving, the peer coaching you give may be included in your log of paid coaching hours.

Other benefits of Local Reciprocal Peer Coaching :

+ Learn new styles and approaches to coaching
+ Rise to the challenge of coaching another coach
+ Grow in confidence
+ Deepen your self-awareness
+ Have a safe space to try new coaching techniques
+ Coach someone, who gives permission to record sessions
   for mentoring and certification purposes
+ Expand your coaching networks.
+ Have a collegial friendship circle of coaches

How ICF Bangkok member get into this program

  1. You sign up for a reciprocal peer coaching round of your choice. Each round includes a certain number of sessions within a certain period of time.

  2. You specify what kind of coach you'd like and also submit some requests for the coaches you'd prefer to work with. While we can't make any guarantees, we think we do a pretty good job at arranging a good fit (and our members think so too, just look at the testimonials).

  3. We assign you a coach and a client (two different people) and email you their contact details.

  4. You schedule sessions together with your coach and your client (separately) and carry out the sessions, just as you would in a normal fee-paying coaching relationship.

  5. We check on you to make sure everyone gives and receives the same number of sessions.

  6. You update your progress as you go via our online system, so that we don't need to nag you.

  7. You leave feedback to tell us how everything went.

  8. You value the experience so much, that you make peer coaching a part of your regular professional development schedule.

How the program works:

+ Sign up  and complete our application form with the minimum commitment of 6 hours

of giving and 6 hours of receiving coaching. It will ask some questions that are useful for matching you with your peer coach, e.g.,

     - Specify your preferences for the kind of coach you’d like to be matched with.

     - Accept the Confidentiality'

+ Our coordinators will match you with a peer coach and inform both of you with contact details.  Alternatively, we will also hold peer matching live online sessions. You communicate with the chosen peer coach directly and sign coaching agreement independently.


+ Begin your coaching and increase your paid coaching hours.


สำหรับสมาชิก ICF  ที่มีรายชื่ออยู่กับ ICF Bangkok Chapter เท่านั้น 



รับสมัครถึงวันที่  5 พฤษภาคม




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