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Coaching Communities of Practice (CCoPs):
Group Coaching

Coaching Communities of Practice (CCoPs) provide a virtual venue for coaches with a shared interest in a specific topic to advance professional development;
deepen their subject-matter expertise; and share
best practices ,emerging trends, tools and tips.

Each CCoP is steered by volunteer leaders who help facilitate the learning and organize the conversations, ideas, and trends that emerge from the group.
CCoPs are designed to promote active participation from their members: Sharing and discussion is always encouraged.

All sessions are recorded and archived for ICF Members to access On Demand 

Activities in Q3-2022
Group coaching A constructivist perspective- Poster (Final1).png

Group coaching: A constructivist perspective

Group coaching can be defined as coaching that takes place in a group setting, but is basically focused on individual coaching goals. In this workshop we will explore together why group coaching is still underdeveloped in comparison to individual or team coaching, what are its main characteristics in terms of effective coaching design and delivery and how a model of constructivist group coaching may look like. The workshop aims at empowering the participants to take an even more competent and brave approach to coaching groups.


The event will consist of three parts. In the first part, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the following topics:

-     What is group coaching and how it is different from individual or team coaching

-     What is a constructivist perspective on group coaching

-     How do individual and team coaching competencies help frame group coaching.

In the second part of the workshop, a simulation of group coaching will be organized. Participants (5-8 people) will be invited to volunteer as participants of a group coaching demo.

The simulation will be followed by a debrief with key learnings outlined.


The final part of the workshop will be devoted to a Q&A session on any topics related to group coaching that have left unaddressed during the session.

* Conducted in English Language

Speaker:  Dr Jelena Pavlovic, PCC

She is one of the leading authors in the field of constructivist coaching. Her expertise covers the continuum of individual, group and team coaching based on the constructivist psychology perspective. She founded Koučing centar in 2013 and serves as Associate Professor of Organizational Psychology at University of Belgrade, Serbia. She has authored numerous papers on coaching, as well as a book “Coaching Psychology: Constructivist Approaches” (Routledge, 2021).


Subject Expert : individual coaching, group coaching, team coaching, coaching and organizational transformation, leader as coach


development opportunities 

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CCoP delivers professional development opportunities through a variety of different outputs, such as webinar presentations from subject- matter experts and facilitated discussion sessions. 


CPs are an ICF Member benefit. CP participation is free for all ICF Members in good standing.

Non-member pricing is THB 200 for a 60-minute session and THB 300 for a 90-minute session.

Joining a CP

CPs are open to all ICF Members. To become an active participant in a CP,
please follow the appropriate link below and fill out the information form. After you complete the form, you will be added to the list to receive more information about that particular CP and its sessions.


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