November 16, 2021. ICF Accredited Coaching Education Update below! 

ICF Accredited Coaching Education

Ensuring high standard coach training programs.
To ensure quality training, the International Coach Federation (ICF) accredits coach-training programs that meet its high standards.
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Evolution of the ICF Accreditation
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November 16, 2021

Over the next 18 months, ICF accredited organizations and institutions, and those interested in pursuing ICF organizational accreditation, will partake in a series of both structural and standards updates. Through the collaboration of stakeholders and staff, we will strengthen the coaching profession through the use of validated coaching competencies, a common code of ethics, and fair, reliable assessments.

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Four forms under ICF Accreditation Structure
Level 1 Accreditation (formerly ACSTH - Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours) programs that offer at least 60 contact learning hours, and it is designated as a pathway
to the ACC credential..
Level 2 Accreditation (formerly ACTP - Accredited Coaching Training Program)) programs that offer at least 125 contact learning hours, and it is designated as a pathway to the PCC credential. 
Level 3 Accreditation  programs that offer at least 75 advanced contact learning hours, and it is designated as a pathway to the MCC credential. 
CCE - Continuing Coach Education (CCE) is continuing education and professional development for the renewal of a credential — not as initial coach training or education.
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