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Why become our sponsorship?

Sponsoring to ICF Bangkok is an opportunity to feature your business/coaching school or services/products, targeting at regional coaches, a large, focused audiences.

As ICF Bangkok sponsor your brand will stand out among the competition, increasing your web visibility to a wide range of professional coaches:

     + Target 200+ ICF professional coaches in Thailand, one of the most active ICF chapters in
        South East Asia

     + Get across  your message on ICF Bangkok website that is always on the first page of
        Google search, attracting 300+ unique visitors per month

     + Increase awareness for your business in a monthly newsletter 

     + Keep your business/school on top-of-mind through regular ICF Bangkok event
        announcement on  our social medias (facebook, LINE, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram)

     + Reach a national and regional audience; 30% of ICF Bangkok members are located
        across the country and around the CLMV region .


ICF Bangkok Chapter is actively promoting the ICF professional and ethical standards and knowledges. This is exponential exposure opportunities for businesses and coach training schools! Our  virtual program and Special Interest Groups , e.g. Bi-weekly coach sharing alone has attracted an average of  10,000 views by the end of 2021.  Our two biggest event, International Coaching Week Bangkok and annual conference are  must-visit for anyone, who is learning and applying coaching skills in work. Chapter also creates various programs for special interest group, i.e., Coaching Community of Practice (CCoP), Reciprocal Peer Coaching, Mentor Coaching.

Become an ICF Bangkok sponsor and participate in this dynamic community!

Importantly, your sponsorship is supporting our Mission to advance the coaching profession  

     + Enabling Chapter  to bring quality programs to ICF membership

     + Empowering Chapter to upgrade our systems and processes to support our 

     + Engaging the small professional vendors, who support Chapter's  operational back-end

Sponsorship Program

As a non-for-profit organization, our operations are run by engaged volunteer members. Leaders and members’ endeavors alone may bring ICF Bangkok reach some level of achievement. With the contribution from our sponsors, however, will take our achievement to another level.

Sponsor can come into play and contribute to ICF Bangkok in various forms.
a) Events/activities sponsorship
b) Advertising (on ICF Bangkok website, newsletter)

Sponsor of ICF Bangkok can be either individual or organization. Benefits to each type of sponsor has been designated and reviewed annually. Currently, there are 3 types of sponsorship

a) Silver sponsor. This a lar carte type is designed for individual sponsor, who can select the benefits* of contribution according to their preferences.

b) Gold sponsor. The value sponsor type that enables sponsor to take part in some key events, and/or visualization.

c) Platinum sponsor. The winner-take-it-all type, where all benefits and visualization, through all of ICF Bangkok communication channels, belong to sponsor.

*Note that some benefits are also reserved for organizations that are our Gold/Platinum sponsors, or partners.

For more information about becoming our sponsors, please contact

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We are now open to for organisations, which aim to increase the their presence and awareness
in our coaching community.

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We would be happy to discuss and tailor sponsorship for you

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