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Executive Committee 

General Election
Leadership opportunities are opening up
Opening for Application for
Board Members and President Elect

Nomination and Election Committee has been appointed by President of ICF Bangkok Chapter to hold a Board Members and President Elect election.  

From October 8th to 31st, 2021, the committee will open for interested candidate to apply for 12 Board Members and 1 President Elect position.

Please apply via link


ประธานสมาพันธ์การโค้ชนานาชาติ สาขากรุงเทพฯได้แต่งตั้งคณะกรรมการจัดการเลือกตั้งเพื่อดำเนินการเลือกตั้งคณะกรรมการและรองประธาน

คณะกรรมการฯ เปิดรับสมาชิกไอซีเอฟที่สนใจสมัครรับเลือกตั้งเพื่อดำรงตำแหน่งกรรมการ 12 ตำแหน่ง และรองประธาน 1 ตำแหน่ง โดยเปิดให้สมัครระหว่างวันที่ 8 ถึง 31 ตุลาคม 2564 ผ่านลิงค์



Nomination and Election Committee,
ICF Bangkok Charter Chapter


Check out our official announcement  >> here.


The following details provide information about Qualification and Duties of 13 positions. 


  • Be active ICF Member from now until December 31, 2023

  • Be ICF role model, who abide by ICF Code of Ethics

  • Be Strategic Leader, Open-minded and Positive leader




Roles & Responsibilities for each position are listed below :-

  • President Elect will be onboard during January 1st 2022 to December 31st 2022 (1 year), and will become the President on January 1st 2023 (1 year). 

  • Others boards members will be onboard during January 1st 2022 to December 31st 2023 (2 years). 

1) The President Elect

a. Shall assist the President and deputize for him/her in his/her absence.

b. Shall have primary responsibility on all operational issues ensuring the accomplishment of executive committee meetings and sub-committee meetings upon their objectives.

c. Shall undertake role and responsibility of leadership as mutually agreed with the President.

d. Shall become the President at the end of the President’s term of service. 

2) The Secretary

a. Shall maintain official minutes and records of the proceeding of the executive committee meetings and the chapter.

b. Shall arrange for mailings of official correspondences.

c. Shall perform other duties as assigned by the President and/or the executive committee.

d. Shall maintain a binder of the proceeding of the chapter and present the binder to the executive committee and members upon request. The binder shall include meeting agendas, minutes, policies, procedures, executive committee decisions, guidelines, financial reports and other proceedings of the executive committee and the chapter.


3) The Treasurer

a. Shall keep accurate record of the chapter’s financial transactions in the templates as proposed by the ICF Global Organization.

b. Shall submit financial reports at each executive committee meeting for review and approval.

c. Shall maintain a binder of all quotations, invoices, receipts, credit notes and all related expenses for audit purpose. 

d. Shall perform the bank reconciliation with financial transactions to ensure of the accurate financial reports.

4) The Marketing Director

a. Shall evaluate and develop marketing strategy and marketing campaign to create ICF brand awareness and positioning.

b. Shall communicate and collaborate the marketing campaign with the executive committee, sponsors and suppliers.

c. Shall develop budgets and finance including expenditures, return-on-investment and profit-loss projections.

d. Shall identify the chapter’s conference, tradeshows and major events for each targeted audience.

e. Shall specify targeted audiences, sponsors, guest speakers and partners for each marketing campaign.

f. Shall oversee social media marketing strategy and content marketing to secure a growing number of audiences.


5) The Event Director

a. Shall coordinate and execute the chapter’s conferences, tradeshows and major events from start to finish.

b. Shall organize the activities for ICF Coach including Community of Practice.

c. Shall manage all operational issues ensuring the accomplishment of each marketing campaign :   i. registration procedure

   ii. audience database management

   iii. sponsor management

   iv.guest speaker engagement

e. Shall qualify the suppliers and contractors to ensure skillset within the chapter’s budget.

f. Shall oversee the quality of work performed by suppliers and contractors.


 6) The Membership Relation Director

a. Shall be the primary contact person for ICF members on their queries and request.

b. Shall organize member onboarding program for new ICF members.

c. Shall update events and activities with ICF members on a monthly basis via newsletter.

. Shall perform satisfaction survey with ICF members on a timely basis.

7) The Professional Standards Director

a. Shall provide academic support to ICF members on their credential path.

b. Shall provide coaching knowledge for ICF members towards ICF Learning Strategy.

c. Shall coordinate and distribute CCE certification to ICF members upon their eligibility.

d. Shall collaborate with relevant Directors in educating the highest standard of ICF professionals. 


8) The Research and Development Director

a. Shall provide industry research for ICF members to demonstrate the highly effective nature of coaching. This allows the community of coaches to stand strong with fresh knowledge of industry trends.

b. Shall be the champion for ICF coaching surveys, globally and locally in collaboration with related stakeholders to bring maximum participation from local chapter/community.

c. Shall support the shared leadership, facilitating/participating the development of local chapter’s initiatives that are aligned with ICF’s strategic goals and priorities.


9) The Communication Director

a. Shall identify the communication strategy on branding and positioning thru direct engagement with corporate sector and public sector.

b. Shall have primary responsibility on updating the chapter’s website and social media platforms.


10) The Social Impact Director

a. Shall design the activities for leading social impact.

b. Shall manage all related event under the social impact umbrella.

c. Shall integrate with Non-Profit Organization to support or promote the events.

11)  The Coach School Director

a. Shall connect ICF Bangkok Chapter with Coach School.

b. Shall initiate the Forum for Coach School for communicating and seeking feedback from Coach School.

 12) The Strategic Partner Director

a. Shall initiate the establishment with entities in exchanging or providing knowledges and skills for members of both parties including comparable member benefits 

b. Shall cooperate with social projects where ICF coaches can impart coaching knowledge and skills.

c. Shall enhance member benefit by creating agreement with business partners.


 13) The Organizational Coach Director

a. Shall organize the activities for Internal Coach including Community of Practice for Coach in Organization.

b. Shall design the program for Local Prism Award to build roadmap for Thai Organization to Global Prism Award

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