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Thailand Prism Award Project

Honoring organizations that innovate with coaching

ICF Bangkok Charter Chapter mission is to advance the coaching industry in Thailand  and build stronger bonding to local businesses/organizations. Pursuant to this mission, it honors the local organization scommitted to creating effective coaching culture with Thailand Prism Award.  The feasibility of Thailand Prism Award was commenced in 2021

International Prism Award

Since 2005, the International Prism Award program has celebrated businesses and organizations that have built strong coaching cultures. To do so and to be considered for this award, a business or organization must:

  • Fulfill rigorous professional standards

  • Address key strategic goals

  • Shape organizational culture

  • Yield discernible and measurable positive impacts

Benefits for Thailand Prism Award Winner
  • Recognition as a leading-edge, admirable  organization that uses coaching to develop leaders and improve organizational performance and bottom-line results

  • The opportunity to share and celebrate their successes throughout the coaching and business community at the Award events/presentation

  • A customized PRISM statue commemorating their achievement in coaching

  • Visibility in ICF Bangkok Charter Chapter communication and presentations

  • Permission to use the ICF PRISM logo and include this information in its advertisements

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Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for the International Prism Award are as follows:

  • The nominee must be a business or organization that uses coaching, but is not a coach-training organization or a vendor of professional coaching.

  • The organization must be nominated by an external or internal coach who holds an up-to-date ICF Credential and has participated in the coaching initiative.

  • The organization must have begun implementing coaching at least one (1) year prior to the opening of nominations.

  • The organization must consent to publicly share information that points to the success of the coaching initiatives.

  • Be ICF Membership. 

  • Organizations that headquartered within their geographic borders.

Scoring Criteria: The 4 Pillars

ICF Bangkok uses four scoring criteria for the Thailand Prism Award. Judges assign scores for each of these four criteria on a scale of 1–5. The criteria are as follows:

  • Impact—any observable and measurable details that underscore the value, influence or effectiveness of coaching.

  • Standards—examples of how coaching in the organization was developed and implemented in a way that would highlight a commitment to rigorous professional standards, industry excellence or best practices within organizational coaching.

  • Strategy—examples of how organizational goals, strategic priorities or workplace needs are being addressed through coaching.

  • Sustainability—examples of how coaching has become embedded into the fabric of the organization, as well as examples of any plans to develop/expand coaching further.

Success Strategies

  • Collaboration a team effort between the nominating coach, coaching sponsor, and other individuals involved with developing, managing and measuring the impact of coaching in the organization.

  • Capture the full scope If coaching is taking plae across multiple business units, office, etc., tell us about it in the nomination application.

  • Share specific data  You'll be asked how the organization measures the impact of external coaches, internal coaches and managers/leaders using coaching skills. Please provide data for every modality.

  • Use storytelling techniques Prime evaluators report that the nominations that best resonate with them are the ones that share meaningful data and told a story.

  • Incorporate testimonials Brief quotes from leaders, managers and team members that highlight the impact of coaching at the individual and organizational level also have a powerful impact on judges.

Nomination Forms

ICF Bangkok creates online Nomination Form via online platform for maximum efficiency and environmental sustainability. For example of Nomination Worksheet, please download below.

Evolving Timeline
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Nomination process for the first Thailand Prism Award will be opened during September 1, 2021 and November 30, 2021 (Bangkok time, GMT+7). 

For coaches, who want to nominate an organization in Thailand

They must be a member of ICF Bangkok in good standing, who hold a valid ICF Credential. In addition, she/he must have been involved, either as an internal or external coach, in the coaching program that is currently running in the nominated organization. 

Nominated organization must have offices in Thailand.

Coaching Program
Either coaching services delivered to employees of the nominated organization by internal or external ICF coaches or training in coaching competencies as defined by the ICF, delivered to staff within the organization.  The coaching program must have boon started in before June 1, 2019.  The training must be accredited by the ICF. 

Thailand Prism Award 2021 will be presented on March 31, 2022.

For more information, please contact

As an ICF Credential Coach, I want to make an online nomination.
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